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Drs. William T. Long, Wendy Long Mitchell, Shari Marchbein, George G. Kihiczak, and Taylor DeFelice take pride in offering comprehensive and compassionate care for skin cancer and other treatments for skin disorders. They also provide a variety of cosmetic services that will revitalize your skin and, by some accounts, lives.

All of the doctors are Clinical Assistant Professors in the New York University’s School of Medicine’s Department of Dermatology, where they teach residents and medical students.



    Dr. William T. Long is a board-certified dermatologist. He is a fellow in the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. He has been a professor at New York University School of Medicine for 30 years, teaching both residents and medical students.

    Dr. Long attended Georgetown University Medical School. After graduating, he completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Then, he completed a dermatology residency at New York University Langone Medical Center, one of the premiere dermatology programs in the U.S, according to US News and World Report.

    He has been practicing at his current Midtown location since 1990.

  • Testimonials

    From the moment I walked in the staff was friendly, professional, and extremely helpful in assisting me with obtaining my referral. Dr. Long was terrific! Very friendly, and thorough and I felt totally confident that I received the best care. I will be back for sure.
    - Darren W.

    Dr. Long is a very professional and kind doctor. He listens to your concerns and provides easy to understand explanations. He performs treatments quickly and informs you of what you'll feel during them so you're not surprised. I would highly recommend Dr. Long for any dermatological issues.
    - Nina M.

    Dr. Long is knowledgeable, caring and effective. He has even emailed me after hours -- not to respond to a question but, just because he had a thought about my treatment.
    - Jon F.

    Dr. William Long is very knowledgeable, caring, and attentive. He's most always got a smile on his face, and always knows how to fix whatever issues I'm going to see him for. He's certainly one of my favorite doctors out there.
    - Andrei K.

    Dr. Long is tops in every respect; an excellent doctor with a caring attitude and a wonderful manner when dealing with patients. As you may see from my comments, Dr. Long is a very special doctor and I would recommend him as highly as possible.
    - Kenneth L.

    Very clear visit, to the point in a professional manner and specific options for any treatment I may option for in the future. I certainly plan to continue yearly visits to Dr. Long.
    - Patient

    Dr. Long is genuine, kind and thorough. His receptionists as well as his medical assistant are all lovely and pleasant. I would recommend his services to my friends and colleagues.
    - Patient

    My wife and I have been going to Dr. Long for many years. He is thorough and easy to talk with. We've had successful many procedures without any pain.
    - Dave G.

    Excellent. Very attentive and thorough. Painless procedure. Very good bedside manner.
    - Patient

    As usual i was very satisfied with Dr Long and his staff. I have been a patient of Dr Long's for over 10 years and would highly recommend him and his staff. ( and I have )
    - Lawrence M.



    Dr. Wendy Long Mitchell is a board-certified dermatologist and a fellowship-trained Mohs micrographic surgeon. She is a fellow in the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. She is a member of the American College of Mohs Surgery, having completed an accredited fellowship in this specialized surgery for skin cancers on the face. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor New York University Langone Medical Center, one of the premiere dermatology programs in the U.S, according to US News and World Report, where she teaches residents and medical students.

    After graduating from the Honors College at the University of Michigan with Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society membership, she attended medical school at New York University. During medical school she published the public education book Coping with Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers. She then completed a residency in dermatology at the University of Michigan. During her residency she was an integral part of the treatment of melanomas from diagnosis through treatment in one of the largest multidisciplinary melanoma treatment centers in the world.

    Upon completion of her residency, she continued her training in Boston where she did a fellowship in Mohs Micrographic, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery. Mohs Surgery is a highly specialized surgical procedure for the removal of skin cancers on the face, scalp and neck. This is a technique that results in the highest cure rate for skin cancer and the most optimal aesthetic results. During this fellowship, she also gained expertise in the surgical reconstruction required after skin cancer removal and in a variety of cosmetic procedures, including the use of injectables and many laser devices.

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    Also, during her fellowship in Boston, she published several chapters, one about skin cancer in Everyone’s Guide to Cancer, and two chapters in dermatology surgical textbooks on the optimal techniques for reconstruction after skin cancer removal from the face.

    Dr. Wendy Long Mitchell was recognized in the 2013 and 2014 Super Doctors edition of NY Magazine as a Rising Star.

  • Testimonials


    I've been battling acne since I was about 9 years old (I'm 27 now). I've been to tons of dermatologists, most of whom could not care less about actually figuring out what's going on with your skin. Dr. Long-Mitchell makes it her mission to figure it out. She is extremely informative, even if you don't have questions. And she manages to do all that while keeping visits extremely quick. I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes for an appointment, and the one time that I did, she apologized profusely for it.

    After much patience and investigation (and actual listening!), my skin is nearly flawless.

    I'm also extremely fair with many, many moles and freckles, so I use her for regular screenings and mole removals in addition to acne treatment. She removed a mole from my face that I've hated for years (and was very nervous about removing, as I've had previous surgeons do awful jobs on moles before) and did a PHENOMENAL JOB. It's as if it was never there.

    This woman has changed my life. I cannot recommend her enough. I even recommend her to people who don't think they need to see a dermatologist; I'm that passionate about her.
    - CG

    I was given Dr. Wendy Long's name for the surgical removal (MOHS procedure) of a basal cell carcinoma. I do not have enough superlatives to describe this dedicated, sympathetic, and highly skilled physician. She put me at great ease and explained in layman's terms the details of the procedure and on the day of the surgery I was treated with the greatest of care. I have since returned for other procedures (more cosmetic in nature) and I have consistently found her to be the same generous, compassionate physician she was at our first meeting (and she has a delightful sense of humor). I would also like to compliment the office staff- they were very helpful both on the phone and in person and I didn't wait longer than 5 minutes the 3 times I've been in to see her.
    - RB

    Dr. Wendy is a rare find in NYC. I have seen at least 6 top NYC dermatologists associated with NYU and Mt. Sinai Hospitals. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr Wendy Long - Mitchell. Not only does she treat you with respect, kindness and professionalism she actually solved my long standing battle with eczema. And unlike the so called other top dermatologists I've seen, Dr. Wendy spends a great deal of time performing my 6 month skin cancer screenings.

    In addition, I love the fact her office is not so called "medi spa". I have been receiving Botox injections from her for 3+ years - I never look frozen and people ask me how can it be that I do not age. No one knows I have Botox thanks to Dr. Wendy.

    Due to too much sun, I recently had a laser procedure - Dr. Wendy used the scion laser to remove uneven skin tone and reduce redness on my chest. Only one week out and my skin is already even and redness is gone.

    As a very critical person take if from me, Dr. Wendy will change your life. I have sent many of my friends and co - workers to Dr. Wendy - all came back to me with glowing reviews.
    - DS

    For years I have struggled with psoriasis and every dermo I saw treated it as a purely cosmetic type of a bother. The last straw was when the topicals this one woman prescribed were making my skin VERY thin, I complained and asked if there was a pill or something internal I can take and she told me there wasn't. Lo and behold, I meet with Dr. Long-Mitchell and she was able to put me on an oral medication that has been working SO well for me!

    Her office staff is great at scheduling appts and getting your lab results and prescriptions out to you/your pharmacy. I also have never waited to see her - they're very timely.

    She takes notes with her laptop which updates your chart so precisely when she sees you... it's really refreshing to have such a tech savvy Doctor who doesn't just handwrite everything out (more room for mistakes).

    She's also very pro-active and involved in your treatments... overall it is a GREAT practice... best dermo practice I've ever been to.
    - RR

    As a patient of Dr. Wendy Long Mitchell since 2008, I have consistently received outstanding medical and dermatological care. Although I rarely write reviews, this proven and sustained professional excellence has compelled me to share my feedback.

    With a background in the sciences and law, and being raised in a family of physicians, I have always been very particular and conscientious about the selection and retention of my medical and health care providers. I received extremely reliable personal and professional referrals to Dr. Long Mitchell, including from my internist-cardiologist who stated that she "is a superstar" (and he does not give praise lightly); further research illustrated her extensive and impressive education, training, and certifications.

    Dr. Long Mitchell has attended to my dermatological issues ranging from advising on skin protection during travel and general daily skin care to milia removal and cyst surgery. She is a responsive, caring medical professional who provides thoughtful, comprehensive and expert medical treatment. She is an excellent communicator - fully explaining the issues, options and procedures with patience and understanding. She has a phenomenal "bedside manner" - providing comfort, ease and confidence during check-ups and procedures. She has amazing surgical prowess - providing positive results. (The suture site of my cyst removal surgery near my eye is not even visible.)

    As to her office, Manhattan Dermatology, my appointments have been scheduled in a timely fashion and have started on or very near the scheduled times. Helpful reminder calls are made prior to appointments, and check-in and check-out are quick and easy. The staff has been pleasant and helpful.

    With utmost confidence and without reservation, I highly recommend Dr. Wendy Long Mitchell.
    - MM

    Dr. Wendy Long is great! Always friendly and on time - I recommend her to all of my friends.
    - AK

    Dr. Wendy is the absolute top of the line dermatologist specializing is cutting edge surgical procedures. She is also kind, open-minded, and helpful. She has evaluated me, and treated me, as a whole person, not just the sum of my complaints. She also has a delicate and sure hand with elective procedures. I highly recommend her.
    - LLC

    Wendy is fantastic - as is the rest of their office. The office staff and other doctors are prompt and thorough. Wendy is quite personable as well as knowledgeable. They can send prescriptions out electronically as well, which is pretty awesome. I only have great things to say about this dermo practice and have referred many people there.
    - JA

    Dr. Wendy Long-Mitchell is the best dermatologist that I have ever seen, and I saw two in Manhattan before coming to her. I love the fact that she listens to me. I realize that is what most doctors should do, but honestly, most don't. She is kind and understanding and one of those people who just seems to be in a good mood all of the time.

    Also, every now and again I'll get one of those "OMG!" pimples, and she told me that when that happens I can just come there in the morning and tells the folks at the front that it is an emergency, and she'll zap me with a shot of whatever that stuff is that makes it go away. How cool is that? So yeah, you may have to wait because others will have an appointment, but that is very cool of her.
    - SH

    Wendy is a wonderful doctor who really knows how to make the patient feel at ease while taking care of them. I would recommend her to anyone of my friends or family.
    - RB

    I started seeing Wendy in March 2007 after an auto accident. She was tremendously helpful with treatment on minimizing my facial scars. She's as professional and personable as they come.
    - YH

    Wendy is my go-to dermatologist to this day even though I've moved 1500 miles away. I trust her 150% with the my well-being and the care of my skin. She has treated potential cancer spots, taught me what to look for and always been someone I can trust in regards to my skin. I'd recommend her any day and follow her tips and affiliates here in Texas (until I can afford a teleporting machine;)). I've never met a derm like her...she is one of a kind!
    - JG

    Dr Long is my dermatologist and has provided superlative consult and treatment for me. She is at the height of her profession in both knowledge and skill. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Wendy Long Mitchell.
    - KK

    Dr. Wendy is the type of the physician you'd like to see when it comes to your skin. Always on time, detail oriented physician who really knows her job. For Dr Wendy "there is no stupid question".
    - SS

    Wendy Long Mitchell is one of the finest doctors out there. She is incredibly smart, on top of it, and precise. I highly recommend her as a dermatologist.
    - MR



    Dr. Shari Marchbein is a board-certified dermatologist and a fellow of the American Board of Dermatology. She is a native New Yorker who grew up on Long Island’s North Shore. Dr. Marchbein earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York at Binghamton. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and became a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society and Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society, while attending Binghamton. She also received the Excellence in Biology Award for which she was the sole recipient.

    Immediately following graduation from college, Dr. Marchbein attended medical school at the State University of New York at Syracuse, where she earned her doctor of medicine degree in 2004. During her time at Syracuse, she became a member of the prestigious AOA National Medical Honor Society. Dr. Marchbein then completed a dermatology residency at Pennsylvania State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Her residency provided Dr. Marchbein the opportunity to explore her academic interests and passions, which include cosmetic and laser surgery, soft tissue augmentation, and acne/acne scar treatment. Dr. Marchbein has published multiple articles on acne pathogenesis and treatment and has lectured on soft tissue augmentation/fillers. Given her significant interest in cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Marchbein developed, organized and successfully created a cosmetic surgery clinic for resident instruction during her time at Hershey Medical Center. This gave Dr. Marchbein the opportunity to work closely with the plastic surgery department and to help instruct her fellow residents.

    In addition to creating a resident cosmetic clinic after completing residency, Dr. Marchbein moved back to New York City, where she dedicated an additional four months of intensive training on the study and practice of laser surgery, soft tissue augmentation/fillers and botulinum toxin administration. Most recently, Dr. Marchbein became an Assistant Clinical Attending Physician at NYU Langone and Bellevue hospitals. Her particular areas of clinical interest include the treatment of acne and acne scarring, rosacea treatment, cosmetic and laser surgery, botulinum toxin injection, and soft tissue augmentation. Most recently, Dr. Marchbein was the recipient of the award for "Part-time Attending of the Year" Clinical Professor at Bellevue Hospital.

  • Testimonials

    I am so pleased with the services I received from Dr. Marchbein! She is the first derm to confirm that most of my skin issues are a result of allergens. I was so relieved when she said that it is OK to use allergy meds to help combat the problems. It has helped tremendously. She also solved some other tough problems that no one else could. She is your biggest cheerleader to feel better about your skin. Highly recommend. - Fair skin redhead.
    - SK

    Dr. Marchbein is really fantastic. I have a long history of skin issues and she is always very patient and understanding. She's just plain awesome!
    - JA

    I have only seen Dr. Marchbein at Manhattan Dermatology and she's great! She is very punctual with her appointments but never makes you feel rushed. Unlike most NYC doctors, Dr. Marchbein takes the time to establish professional relationships with her patients (i.e. with other doctors, I always feel as if its the first time I am seeing them...even years later!). She is also extremely thorough and proactive with her approach. I have referred several friends and co-workers to Dr. Marchbein and I always get a call from them after they meet her to say how great she is.
    - AB

    Dr. Shari Marchbein is AMAZING. I came to her 2 months ago with cystic acne and she put me on a regime that cleared my acne almost completely in just 3 weeks. She is super professional, sweet, punctual, and informative. She takes her time with you and is by far the best dermatologist I've ever been to. Not to mention she is gorgeous and reminds me of Barbie, her skin is super flawless.

    I recently also had two visiting cystic pimples and she injected them. She said that when that happens I can pop in for a 30 second injection. I love it!

    I highly recommend Dr. Shari Marchbein!!
    - PC

    Love Dr. Marchbein! A true find in NYC. Down to earth and thorough. Have lots of frustrating skin issues and I'm so relieved that I have met a professional that really cares. I actually look forward to my visits with this wonderful woman and doctor! I'm grateful and wanted to take the time to spread the word. Happy skin care :)
    - SK

    Dr. Marchbein normally treats me but I've also had some minor surgery done by Dr. Long-Mitchell. Both outstanding. They are both punctual, friendly, and most importantly, extremely competent. I've always felt like I was in good hands with both which, to me, is the highest praise you can give to a medical professional. Highly recommended!
    - LV

    After moving to NYC after graduating college, my face broke out almost as badly as it did after I went through puberty. That's not a good look for a girl in her early 20s, starting a new job and meeting new people everyday.

    I tried every skin care product on the market, got facials and even had to have my mom buy me a plane ticket home to Florida to see my childhood dermatologist.

    After all of those options failing, I decided to ask my friends around New York for a good dermatologist. One of my friends mentioned that she heard great things about Dr. Marchbein, and honestly at that point I was the furthest from being open minded, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

    After waiting almost 45 mins in the waiting room during my lunch break from work, I was brought into my own room, waiting to see this new derm. Dr. Marchbein walked in more enthused than any dermatologist I've ever met in my life... or any Doctor for that matter. The second she glanced at my skin I imagined the words coming out of her mouth. "There is no hope you need to go on accutane," but instead she said, "I know exactly what we are going to do with you!"

    She put me on a strict regimen using both topical treatments, antibiotics and over the counter cleansers and moisturizers. I followed it to a pea for 3 months. Within that time my skin was 95% clear! Who would have thought using over the counter products would contribute in a positive way to clearing my skin.

    I visit Dr. Marchbein now every 2 months for a check up and every time she is more and more thrilled as she glances at my skin. I could tell she is proud of her work and so am I. She has decreased the doses of antibiotics and my skin has still stayed clearer than ever.

    It's great that I can now be the one to recommend Dr. Marchbein to friends and co-workers. In fact, a girl from work just made an appointment this week!
    - LG

    I have been a patient of Dr. Marchbein's for just over 6 months. I had been to many dermatologists before her as I had pretty severe adult acne. Every other doctor told me that Accutane was my only hope. I was hesitant to try this since I heard horror stories about all the harmful side effects but I was almost willing since my skin was so awful it was making me insecure. Dr. Marchbein was my last opinion I planned to seek before trying it. She never even mentioned Accutane to me once. She took the time to work out a treatment plan that worked for me free of any side effects. She asked me to trust her and to give her 6 months. After 6 years of terrible skin, I thought what would 6 more months hurt. For the first time I can say I actually feel confident enough to leave my house without a pound of make-up on. If you have ever suffered from acne, you know what an accomplishment this is.

    My entire office sees how much my skin has transformed and they are now seeing her too!
    - TL

    Dr. Marchbein is incredible! I have had acne my whole life and have tried everything from proactive to over the counter stuff to holistic treatments. After being her patient for only one month I have seen unbelievable results! She is super punctual, very gentle, extremely thorough, and her sweet energy makes the appointment go by effortlessly. Another HUGE PRO is that she writes everything down for you!!! Talk about being efficient! I absolutely recommend her!!
    - KC

    I went to see Dr. Marchbein after a fluke (but bad) break out. She took me, as a new patient, the day I made the appointment. When I got to the office, the entire staff was super friendly and patient as I had an issue with my referral. Dr. Marchbein took me almost immediately after my paperwork was completed. She sat with me, listened to all of my issues, asked thorough questions and made her recommendations.

    She wound up injecting one of the cysts and sent me on my way with a complete overhaul of my skin care routine. After the first week, my skin was about 95% cleared up. Now, three weeks later, my skin is flawless!

    I have been to a number of dermatologists in the city and each time I have left disappointed in the care I received. Not the case with Dr. Marchbein. Not once did I feel rushed when I was with her, she was very friendly and took a genuine interest in my problems.

    I would refer anyone and everyone to Dr. Marchbein and I am no longer in search for a great dermatologist!
    - MG

    Dr. Shari Marchbein is the best doctor, let alone dermatologist I have ever had!

    I have struggled with acne since age 15 and no one could ever help me. I found Dr. Marchbein through a work friend. She is so, so, so kind, so attentive, and REALLY listens and takes the time to look at your skin.

    I had started the BC pill when i started seeing her, so she added a regimen on top of that and my skin cleared up. *then i decided to go off the BC pill*. Dr. Marchbein said, "it's your body and you should do whatever you want, we will adjust however we need to." She has been incredibly consistent, calls back if you have a problem, and has taken great care to find what works for me specifically. I have at least 4 friends who go to her, and we are all on slightly different regimens, which shows me that she really takes the time with each of us. We talk about her ALL the time because she has had such a positive effect on all of us.

    I should mention that I also had an accident in my kitchen and had hot oil burns all over my chest. She saw me immediately, spent about 30 minutes with me talking to me and helping me learn how to dress my own burns, and gave me some great stuff. she also checked up on me to see how i was doing after the appointment.

    But the best thing Dr. Marchbein has given me is confidence. It took me years to feel like I would be clear, and now I am---but even when I have a zit here or there, I KNOW she will work with me to find a solution. I'm moving out of NYC and I will honestly come back just to see her. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and go to Dr. Marchbein. You will not be disappointed!
    - AC

    I've seen Dr. Marchbein for almost 2 years now and have been extremely happy with her - and with my entire experience at Manhattan Dermatology. As a (now former) sun-worshipper, she was the first dermatologist to actually get through to me about how stupid I've been. She doesn't lecture, she just cares about her patients and wants to educate them.

    I've seen Dr. Marchbein for routine skin exams, acne issues, and cosmetic procedures. She has always made me feel at ease, even when performing minor surgery to remove a mole on my leg. My skin looks better than it has in years.
    - TW

    I have been a patient of Dr. Shari Marchbein's at Manhattan Dermatology for over two years. I simply cannot say enough about Dr. Marchbein, Manhattan Dermatology and the office staff, including physicians' assistants and the front desk. Dr. Marchbein is an incredible doctor, approaching her practice with seasoned skill and genuinely compassionate care. In addressing my skin conditions and concerns, she takes into diligent consideration my specific skin type and history, and during each visit takes the time for thorough discussion, unhurried and with an air of comfort, in order to understand the experience I am having with the prescribed program and what adjustments need be made depending on my personal response and/or external factors, such as the season and climate. What I found to be especially unique about Dr. Marchbein's approach is that her programs are designed to treat while also enhancing the cosmetic appeal of the skin. I have been to dermatologists in the past that simply prescribe powerful topical lotions and/or ingested meds with the objective of aggressively killing the skin condition, but do not address the varying degrees of irritation or other side effects that could result, then addressing those with a swing in treatment. Under Dr. Marchbein's care, my conditions are treated effectively and the program's balance allows my skin to become acclimated to promote a healthy appearance and glow that gets constant compliments from people. I understand that in an ideal world one should expect this level of care and precision from any doctor, but the reality is I have been going to dermatologists since my early teens and have not come across standards of care or results anywhere close to what Dr. Marchbein delivers. With regards to appointments, Dr. Marchbein's time is in high demand, but I am always able to get an appointment within a time frame reasonable for my concerns and, if there is a particular urgency, she is always generous with whatever time she can spare in-between appointments. There is a true commitment to the patient and the prescribed program. The office staff are friendly, care to get to know me, and are very attentive to insurance requirements, pharmacy communications and other administrative needs. My experience with Dr. Marchbein and Manhattan Dermatology has had a very positive impact on my life and I owe her and the team a great deal of gratitude. Without hesitation I enthusiastically refer her to anyone looking for a dermatologist. I could go on. This review writes itself. Thank you, Dr. Marchbein!
    - PD

    Dr. Shari Marchbein is an absolute miracle worker! I went to 3 dermatologists before her with little to no improvement, but within 3 months of first seeing Dr. Marchbein my skin dramatically improved. I had clear skin for the first time in years! She's extremely thorough, friendly and SHE LISTENS! Another plus is that she tells you exactly what you need to do - how to use the medication, when to use them, and how much to use. I recommended her to a coworker who also had skin issues and now she couldn't be happier!
    - ML



    Dr. George G. Kihiczak is a board-certified dermatologist. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Additionally, he serves as a faculty member at New York University Medical School.

    Dr. Kihiczak, born and raised in New Jersey, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University. He obtained his medical degree from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Following medical school, he completed an internal medicine internship at Yale University. Subsequently, he received his specialty training in dermatology at New Jersey Medical School, where he served as a chief resident in his final year. Throughout his education and training, Dr. Kihiczak has published extensively in the dermatologic literature and presented at national and international dermatology conferences.

    Dr. Kihiczak practices general dermatology, dermatologic surgery, and cosmetic dermatology. He provides comprehensive care for conditions of the skin to patients of all ages. He considers a strong patient-physician relationship an integral part of treating every patient. His areas of interest include skin cancer detection and surgery, skin rejuvenation, and laser surgery.

  • Testimonials

    I found Dr. Kihiczak to be very professional and efficient. He took his time with me and answered all my questions. He had great bedside manner and even gave me some free samples! I didn't have to wait at all and he stuck to the appointment time which was appreciated. I would highly recommend him and I will definitely be back.
    - A.K.

    Dr. Kihiczak is a very pleasant communicator and is an excellent listener. Often a doctor will listen to the first problem but he listened to things I remembered to say late into the visit. I can think of nothing to fault my visit. Truly a caring and professional person.
    - J.W.

    Saw Dr. Kihiczak today about a bit of an awkward issue, and he handled it in the most friendly and professional manner possible. Seems like a super nice guy, as well as very knowledgable, which is the best combination one can ask for in a doctor. Highly recommended!!!
    - D.B.

    Dr. Kihiczak has been a tremendous presence in my life. He modified my old medication and within a few visits, we found the best solution to treat my acne. My face is finally on the right track. Also, it's very easy to schedule with the front office. Would recommend Dr. K and the practice to anyone.
    - M.S.

    Just a great knowledgeable doc who understands his craft and knows how to talk to and deal with people.. explains what needs to be done in language that is clear and understandable and answers all questions with skill and ease. makes you very comfortable. been back many times and continue to be impressed!
    - J.S.

    I have been seeing Dr. Kihiczak for four years now and have recommended him to family and friends time and time again. He is always on time and really takes the time to listen to me and is open to trying different medications. I am very happy with Dr. Kihiczak and will continue to recommend to others.
    - Patient

    Dr. Kihiczak is a very fine dermatologist. I have a boatload of risk factors for skin cancer, and he pays close attention to every blip on my skin. I've had three or four precancerous lesions removed, and I appreciate the ease of getting an appointment, his pleasant "bedside" manner, and the fast followup on biopsies.
    - M.O.

    Dr. Kihiczak may have saved my life. He correctly identified an obscure rash on my hand and did a biopsy. The results were an indicator of a more serious health issue. He called me to advise I seek immediate medical treatment which I did. So a very big "THANK YOU" to Dr. Kihiczak for your time, expertise and follow through.
    - Patient

    Before seeing Dr. Kihiczak I went to another dermatologist who made me wait 4 hours just to tell me that I would need an mri before he could do the procedure. I know for a fact that an mri was unnecessary so I went to see Dr. Kihiczak.

    Dr. Kihiczak was quick to access the procedure and took care of me on the spot. His confidence put me at ease and I knew that I had found the right doctor.

    The wound healed nicely with minimal scarring. Dr. Kihiczak took the time to explain the procedure and told me it would take a year to see the final results, but it healed in less time.

    I will definitely be going back.
    - B.T.

    Love Dr. Kihiczak.
    Scheduling was easy (they're on ZocDocs), followup scheduling was easy (did it with the doctor who was carrying an iPad).

    Doctor was no-nonsense, down-to-earth, easy to talk to. Straightforward while taking the time to answer my questions in a clear manner.

    Finally, I had surgery with him to remove a cyst. Another dermatologist had botched it --however Kihiczak performed the surgery easily, with excellent results and a smaller scar than the dermatologist I used to go to.
    Definitely recommend.

    - E.T.



    Dr. DeFelice is a board- certified dermatologist and a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine and teaches dermatology to the NYU residents at the Manhattan Veterans Affairs Hospital.

    Dr. DeFelice graduated from Stanford University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She received her Masters in Public Health with a focus in molecular and genetic epidemiology from the University of California Los Angeles, and was elected to the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health. Dr. DeFelice received her medical degree from the University of California Irvine School of Medicine, where she was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and the Pathology Chairs Honor Society, and received both the Milton T. Kaplan Memorial Outstanding Student in Immunology Award and the prestigious Dean's Scholar Award. After her internship in internal medicine at the UCLA/Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, Dr. DeFelice, a Maryland native, returned to the East Coast to complete her dermatology residency and serve as Chief Resident at NYU in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology, one of the country's top academic dermatology centers, with training at New York University Langone Medical Center, Bellevue Hospital, and the Manhattan VA Hospital.

    Dr. DeFelice continues to publish dermatologic literature and present at national dermatology conferences. She enjoys the breadth of dermatology, practicing medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, and caring for patients of all ages and ethnicities.

  • Testimonials

    Dr. Taylor Defelice is the best dermatologist I have ever been privileged to meet. She quickly and accurately diagnosed the cause of my facial acne. Though I did not mention my body acne, she asked to see my upper back and chest, areas that do indeed break out occasionally. In asking about other problem areas, Dr. DeFelice demonstrated her thoroughness and her desire to completely understand the extent of my acne. Her effort is unparalleled.

    Best of all, Dr. DeFelice patiently listened to all of my concerns during my visit. (I cannot tell you how many dermatologists have rushed me in and out of their offices in mere minutes.) For the first time, I felt that a dermatologist was truly invested in improving my skin. The difference between my experience with Taylor and my experience with other dermatologists was significant and noticeable. With Dr. DeFelice, I am extremely confident that my skin is in good hands. By following her advice, my skin has seen dramatic improvement. I am truly delighted to have met this extraordinary dermatologist.
    - Maria D.

    Dr. Defelice is a most competent, thoughtful and kind person. She diagnosed my problem and was most helpful and reassuring. She really listened and responded to my concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Defelice and her office was pleasant and efficient as well.
    - KM

    Dr. DeFelice is the BEST doctor. She found my melanoma, probably saving my life, and since then she's been wonderfully supportive and helpful. Great bedside manner, super kind, incredibly competent. She's the best.
    - EC

    Dr. DeFelice had great bedside manner, asked the right questions, and was really calm and thoughtful about her recommendation. Her nurse was amazing - I had to have blood drawn and as someone who is terrified of needles, I barely felt it.
    - AN

    Dr DeFelice was very nice and very informative. She sat down with me before my skin scan and went over and concerns I may have, I didn't feel rushed or silly asking any questions. She addressed everything I asked with complete answers and some follow up suggestions. I am really glad I found her!
    - AA

    A colleague of mine recommended Dr. DeFelice for dermatology. It has been a struggle to be comfortable with a dermatologist in the past especially in the city. Dr. DeFelice walked me through a timeline of what to expect over the next few months for treatment of my acne. She sincerely listened to the previous treatments I have received and wanted to make sure I reached my goal of laser skin resurfacing after the acne was under control. I highly recommend Dr. DeFelice!
    - BS

    My dad spent three years trying to figure out why he was getting a rash/boils on his head... doctor after doctor couldn't help him. Dr. DeFelice took care of my dad like he was her own dad... and my dad never had the problem again. Love her, really.
    - AF

    Absolutely the best dermatologist I have been to in NYC. She is very knowledgable and the treatment she provides works. I came to her 5 months ago with severe cystic acne and it is now gone. She prescribed the right medication for me and a regimen that I follow religiously. My visit today was about treating other areas of concern on my face, and she spent time going through all of my options. A great friend recommended me to this dermatologist and I would recommend her to anyone else.
    - Patient

    I really enjoyed my visit because Dr. Felice took time to learn my history, answer my questions and give me real one on one time. Acne is something dermatologists see all day so to have her give me the time and individualize her prognosis and steps to remedy makes a big difference to someone that struggles with acne.
    - Patient

    Dr. DeFelice was awesome. She was thorough, helpful, and a good listener. My experience in her office was perhaps the smoothest I've had in NYC. Prefilling the forms on ZocDoc got me into the exam room fast, and the office called in my prescriptions before I even left the building. Extremely positive experience!
    - Patient

    Dr DeFelice is amazing. Very thorough and explained everything she was doing; provided me lots of info and options; all while being funny, attentive and reassuring throughout my visit. So impressed, would highly recommend.
    - PR

    Dr. DeFelice is wonderful! Thorough yet quick and made me feel completely comfortable during my annual skin scan. The front desk and medical assistant team is also very friendly and quick to help answer questions or get the answer if they don't already know. I highly recommend Dr. DeFelice and her staff for anyone looking for a dermatologist in the NYC area.
    - EE



    Dr. Forrest N. White is a residency-trained dermatologist. Born and raised in Texas, he earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Accountancy degrees from Brigham Young University, graduating magna cum laude. Following work in management consulting, he obtained his medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. After medical school, he completed an internal medicine internship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. Subsequently, he received his specialty training in dermatology at NYU in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology, one of the premier dermatology residency programs in the country. He has been active in research throughout his medical training and has published several articles in dermatology journals.

    Dr. White practices medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology and enjoys seeing patients of all ages. His goal for each patient is to provide the same quality of care that he would want a member of his own family to receive.