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How Is Fraxel® Different from Other Types of Lasers?

How Is Fraxel® Different from Other Types of Lasers?

In recent years, laser technology has revolutionized skin care, offering effective solutions for different common skin concerns. There are many laser systems on the market, but among them, the Fraxel® Dual Laser System stands out.

At Manhattan Dermatology in New York City, our team of dermatologists selected the Fraxel laser because its cutting-edge technology and unique features offer key advantages over other laser systems. Here’s what you need to know. 

Targeted fractional technology

One of the key ways the Fraxel Dual Laser System is different from other types of lasers is its use of targeted fractional laser technology. All laser systems resurface your skin by combining the power of light energy with your body’s natural healing capabilities.

But unlike traditional lasers, which treat the entire surface of your skin, the Fraxel Dual Laser System fractures the laser beam into thousands of microscopic treatment zones. This allows Fraxel to selectively treat the targeted areas, leaving your surrounding tissues unaffected.

Dual wavelength for more effective therapy

The Fraxel Dual Laser System derives its name from its unique dual wavelength capabilities. It combines 1550 and 1927 nanometer wavelengths in a single device, allowing for more effective skin therapy. 

The 1550nm wavelength penetrates deep into your skin. This stimulates collagen production and effectively treats scars, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. 

The 1927nm wavelength, on the other hand, targets the superficial layers of your skin. At this level, it addresses color and pigmentation issues like sunspots, age spots, and melasma. 

The ability to deliver both wavelengths in a single treatment session sets the Fraxel Dual Laser System apart from other lasers that can focus only on either deep or superficial skin concerns.

Customizable treatments

Another way the Fraxel Dual Laser System stands out is with the customizable treatment options it offers. We can tailor your laser treatment parameters for your individual needs, giving you optimal results. 

Whether you’re looking for subtle rejuvenation or more intensive repair, we can adjust the Fraxel Dual Laser System accordingly, offering you a personalized approach to skin revitalization.

Plus, the fractional technology gives us more precise control over the intensity and depth of treatment. This means we can use Fraxel with a wide range of skin types and concerns. 

Puts your safety first

Patient health and safety is always a paramount concern at Manhattan Dermatology, and laser treatments are no exception. That’s why we love how the Fraxel Dual Laser System incorporates several features that prioritize patient safety

The fractional nature of this laser treatment minimizes the risk of complications, such as scarring, blistering, and infection. In addition, the Fraxel system uses advanced cooling mechanisms that help maintain your comfort throughout the procedure.

The Fraxel Dual Laser System's safety profile is a significant advantage over other laser systems, providing peace of mind for patients and providers alike.

Less downtime with a quicker recovery

Compared to other lasers, the Fraxel Dual Laser System offers less downtime and a quicker recovery. The fractional treatment zones stimulate your body's natural healing response, leading to faster tissue regeneration

You can expect to return to most of your daily activities within a few days, with minimal discomfort and fewer visible side effects compared to other laser treatments. This makes the Fraxel Dual Laser System a great option for achieving noticeable results without a lengthy recovery.

Lasting results

It’s natural to want long-lasting results from any skin rejuvenation treatment, and the Fraxel Dual Laser System stands out in this way, too. 

By stimulating collagen production and triggering your skin's natural rejuvenation process, Fraxel gives you gradual changes with long-lasting improvements in skin texture, tone, and overall appearance. 

Over time, you may experience ongoing improvements as your treated areas continue to regenerate and improve. This sets the Fraxel Dual Laser System apart and makes it a reliable, effective way to achieve lasting results.

To learn more about the power of the Fraxel laser and how it can help you love the skin you’re in, schedule an appointment online or over the phone at Manhattan Dermatology in the Murray Hill or Midtown East sections of Manhattan, New York City.

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