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Trendy Skin Care Hacks That Do More Harm Than Good

Trendy Skin Care Hacks That Do More Harm Than Good

Between social media, the internet, and streamable shows, there’s no shortage of so-called expert opinions and advice when it comes to caring for your skin. But trendy skin care hacks aren’t always better for your body’s largest organ and can actually do more damage than good. 

At Manhattan Dermatology, in Murray Hill and Midtown East, Manhattan, in New York City, our board-certified dermatologists want to set the record straight. Here’s a look at three skin care trends you may have heard about and the truth behind them.

Hack: Using a powered, circular brush daily to deep clean

Why this is dangerous: Over-exfoliating skin damages the surface and may lead to serious inflammation.

Sonic cleansers and other powered circular facial brushes use firm bristles and motion to cleanse your skin. While they’re not directly labeled as exfoliating tools, these brushes remove dead skin cells, debris, and other impurities from your skin. In other words, they exfoliate to give you that deep-clean feel. 

Using a brush once or twice a week shouldn’t be an issue and can even help keep your pores clear. But if you’re using a powered, circular brush every day to achieve a deep clean, you risk hurting your skin or developing an unsightly rash. 

Hack: Using face wipes to clear away makeup and sweat

Why this is dangerous: These products contain alcohol, preservatives, and other chemicals that hurt your skin. 

Because face wipes need to stay moist, manufacturers add ingredients to keep them wet without getting moldy. These chemicals damage your skin, especially when used on a regular basis. They can even tear your skin and increase your risk of infection and inflammation. 

Hack: Using charcoal peel-away masks

Why this is dangerous: Along with the dirt and debris that builds up on your skin, these masks peel away healthy skin and hair.

Studies show charcoal peel-away masks definitely lift away lots of unwanted substances from your skin. But because they don’t discriminate, these trendy masks also lift off your healthy skin cells and the fine, downy hair that protects your skin. 

The result? You’re left with raw, irritated skin that’s more vulnerable to infection. Instead, reach for a clay mask or ask us for personalized recommendations. 

How to safely take your skin to the next level

If you want to improve the health and appearance of your skin, cosmetic dermatology can help you achieve your goals. At Manhattan Dermatology, we offer innovative cosmetic dermatology treatments and personalized skin care recommendations, including:

For expert skin care advice and personalized recommendations, schedule an appointment online or over the phone at the Manhattan Dermatology location most convenient to you.

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