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Will I Get To Quit Shaving if I Have Laser Hair Removal?

There’s no doubt about it — shaving away unwanted facial and body hair is tedious and time-consuming. But chemical treatments and waxing only provide short-term results that just don’t last. 

At Manhattan Dermatology, our team of dermatologists and aesthetics providers is dedicated to helping our New York City patients in Manhattan’s Murray Hill and Midtown East neighborhoods feel good about themselves, inside and out. 

That’s why we offer the best in laser hair removal as part of our complete line of medical, cosmetic, and surgical services.  

Many of our patients wonder if laser hair removal means the end of shaving — forever. We’ve put together this informative guide to educate you about the ins and outs of laser hair removal and what you can expect. 

What exactly is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal uses concentrated light energy to safely eliminate unwanted body or facial hair. 

With advanced laser technology, we use a targeted approach to destroy the protein cells at the root of your hair follicle that foster hair growth. The laser energy also destroys the pigments that give your body and facial hair its color.  

We use a handheld device to deliver targeted energy to these cells without damaging the sensitive skin surrounding them. After only a few treatment sessions, you have silky, hair-free skin.     

Where can I get laser hair removal?

Most people can get laser hair removal on almost any body part where hair grows. At Manhattan Dermatology, we listen as you explain your skin and hair goals, and then we develop a targeted plan to eliminate or reduce hair where you need it most.  

Here are some of the most popular areas we treat using laser hair removal: 

Since your session is customized for your needs, we may be able to address multiple areas in one session. And laser hair removal works equally well for both men and women seeking to reduce or eliminate hair.  

How long does laser hair removal take?

How long each session takes and the number of treatments you need depends on a number of factors that we evaluate. These factors include:

Depending on these factors, individual sessions sometimes take only a few minutes or they can last up to an hour. 

For example, if we’re treating only a small area, like your upper lip, the session could take about 2 minutes. But if you’re having hair removed from a large area, like your back or chest, your session could last about an hour.

Your hair grows in cycles, and laser hair removal is only effective during the growth phase of this cycle. This means you need more than one session, but the exact number varies.  Most patients need about 6-8 sessions to achieve optimal results.   

Do I get to say goodbye to razors forever?

Since laser hair removal stops new hair growth, most of our clients experience lasting results. In some patients, hair can sometimes grow back. 

There are many reasons you may experience hair regrowth. For example, changes in hormones related to pregnancy or menopause can trigger the growth of new hair. 

The great news is that even if some of your hair grows back, it is finer and thinner than the hair present before your laser hair removal treatment. This makes it easy to remove the new hair with a quick touch-up session for longer-lasting results. 

Bottom line? With laser hair removal, razors can become a thing of the past.

If you’re ready to stop shaving unwanted body or facial hair, call or book online to schedule a visit with our professionals at Manhattan Dermatology.

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